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2019's Flashback!

Written by: Rika Afifah

A year has passed and there are lots of unforgettable memories we have created throughout the year. As we are entering the new period of Satoe Indonesia, let us take a moment to reminisce about the memories we made last year, about what we have done to contribute to society.

Satoe Indonesia has done the village visit in Cikawari as the main activity of the annual “Satoe Indonesia Regeneration Challenge.” The village visit aims to give the same opportunity and experience for all of the Satoe Indonesia members to learn about the behavior, uniqueness, and values held by the villagers. The village visit gave us new experiences and a new family as well.

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From the regeneration challenge, Satoe Indonesia succeeded in gaining new members and keeping the sustainability of the organization.

Who misses being in the class with the students? Last year we did the routine 'Kelas Inspirasi’ with the students in Cikawari. The fun and worthwhile activities that become the favorite of Satoe Indonesia members. The activities that gave us learning experiences in teaching the students at school. We try to bring fun in learning for the students, building the spirit for them in studying. Last year, The Business Development team started to sell the agricultural products of Cikawari, such as lemon and onions. This is one of the realizations of the economic development plans for the betterment of the people in Cikawari.

As the continuation of the regeneration, after a long process of evaluation for the internship members, finally the official members gathered in the ‘Gathering Night’ as the welcoming activity for the new members, appreciation for the best performers of staff and interns, also to build the bonds with the new members. The inauguration was nothing near formal, instead, it was full of jokes, and laughter. The whole point was to make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated. Appreciation is important to keep the members’ motivation, so they will always feel valued.

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At the latest, by electing Faiza Nurkholida as the new president of Satoe Indonesia, we are opening the new page of tenure. Emphasizing collaboration and integration, Faiza aims to bring a sustainable contribution to the community. The new period of Satoe Indonesia is also marked by the new VPs elected that come with the new ideas and projects for Satoe Indonesia.

It was only the good feelings left in remembering the memories we created with Satoe Indonesia. In the future, I hope that we could build a strong, unified and high-performance team, thus we could give more to Indonesia. To be able to develop more villages and give more benefits to the people around. Looking forward until we can actually gather again and create another unforgettable memory to reminisce about in the future.




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