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Satoe Indonesia Activities - August 2020

By: Rika Afifah

Through August 2020, although we are still in the middle of pandemic situations, Satoe Indonesia still conducted several activities that could be done by adjusting current circumstances.

In July, Satoe Indonesia as the community partner of StudentsXCEOs’ 9th Grand Summit delegated a team consist of three members to joined The Summit National Conference, as in August, the team made it to the next stages in the Summit Conference. Although we are not the winner of the conference, being able to participate in the event was a great opportunity.

Satoe Indonesia also collaborated with Kemenkoan Pengembangan Sosial Kemasyarakatan Kabinet KM ITB (@berasa.itb in Instagram) in a form of Instagram takeover. The collaboration of Satoe Indonesia and berasa.itb aims to introduce more about Satoe Indonesia and discussed about community development in the middle of pandemic situation via podcasts. The link of the podcast could be seen in Satoe Indonesia’s Instagram bio to listen to the discussion.

Another collaboration activity is Satoe Indonesia currently in the process of collaborating with Aiesec Bandung in the form of media collaboration. Through this collaboration, Aiesec Bandung and Satoe Indonesia could promote each other’s content to gain exposure and awareness.

The current conditions may limit our movements but if we could adapt to the situation, we are still able to contribute to the society.

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