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Satoe Indonesia Inauguration Night 2020

By: Rika Afifah

Inauguration events have never been this fun and full of joy. Last month, Satoe Indonesia held the inauguration event to welcome the new members of Satoe Indonesia after a thorough evaluation during the internship period. The event was very welcoming, it gives warmth in the middle of a freezing night.

The event was held on 21-22 February 2020, at the Serene Hill Villa, Lembang. This gathering night was designed to build a sense of belonging to Satoe Indonesia for the members, especially for the new ones, and build the chemistry between every member.

The night was cold, but our hearts are not. The villa was very cozy, homey, and comfortable. Our games and stories made the cold floor - warm. I love how the night was filled with a heartwarming and friendly atmosphere in every corner of the spacious villa. At sunrise, the villa reveals magnificent scenery from the balcony, and after spending the whole night with fellow members, the experience was unforgettable.

After dinner, all of the members gathered in the living room to proceed with the awarding ceremony. Every Vice President from all divisions announced the best employee and the best intern of the year from each division to appreciate the hard work and contribution for Satoe Indonesia from the members and interns. The ceremony was nothing near formal, instead, it was full of jokes, and laughter. The whole point was to make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated. Appreciation is important to keep the members’ motivation, so they will always feel valued.

After the awarding event, the new members gathered with their respective divisions to get to know each other and build bonds with everyone in the division. The agenda was -- there was no agenda, basically, just have fun, play games, chit chat, and have a bite of snacks. Having a strong bond in a team is important so that every member could build good teamwork and contribute more to Satoe Indonesia.

Of course, there was a barbecue session. It was a free time when everyone could go around, mingle, continue to play the games, jamming to the music, and of course, barbecuing. The grilled corn, marshmallow, sausage, and fireworks accompanied the night. It was a joyful time until people were too sleepy to stay up, and we ended the night.

One night is absolutely not enough to build a perfect bond, but as time passes by, we will grow closer, and our bond grows stronger, and together as a family we make an impact that matters. Welcome, new members of Satoe Indonesia! The Country is looking for your contribution to make it better!

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