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Village Visit, Satoe Indonesia Contribution for Indonesia

By: Rika Afifah

Satoe Indonesia had held its annual event of the Satoe Indonesia Regeneration Challenge (SIRC), a series of activities to regenerate members of the Satoe Indonesia organization. The culmination of these activities is the Village Visit, an activity that contains direct observation to the village by the participants, and then the participants are expected to create a social mapping to mapped the village potential to be able to give development solutions for the visited village. I got the opportunity to become one of the participants for joining the latest village visit on 2 - 3 November 2019 at Cikawari Village. Being a participant of SIRC was a great and valuable experience.

At the Cikawari Village, I stayed at one of the Villagers’ houses. The house owner was a woman who lives with her mother and her little daughter. According to the president of Satoe Indonesia, Akbar Selamat, using the villagers’ houses as the homestays for the participants was a new thing and it makes the latest village visit different and more attractive from the usual. Staying at the villager’s house allowed me to enjoy the village directly, building familiarity with the villagers, and closing the distance between the participants and the villagers. All of the parties of Cikawari village helped Satoe Indonesia to succeed in this event, they provided the facilities and supported every activity.

The village visit aims to give the same opportunity and experience for all of the Satoe Indonesia members to learn about the behavior, uniqueness, and values held by the villagers. From the village visit activity, I realized that these things are important for the participants to be able to create the right and ideal solutions to solving the problems faced by Cikawari. Social mapping and socialization are also important for creating solutions that meet the village's needs. Akbar told me that at the end of the day, we are going to give contributions to the visited village, and it requires the mapping and socialization process. SIRC’s village visit offers the experience of interacting directly with the villagers and leaves a good impact on the village by the contributions that we give.

Using the villagers’ houses as the homestay for the participants considered to give a better impact. One of the impacts is creating a more diverse form of interaction, growing the sense of belonging of Satoe Indonesia through the villagers, and I, as the participants, had the responsibility to the house owner.

As one of the participants, the village visit gave me valuable experience in giving contributions to society. I got new families from the village, from the Satoe Indonesia itself, new friends, also the proud feeling of myself because I knew that I gave a contribution to the society even though it comes in the form of ideas.

So far, there have been a lot of positive changes because of Satoe Indonesia’s programs. One of them is in the field of education. The children at Cikawari now have the will to study and have an ambition for their future. I experienced teaching elementary students together with other participants, we expected the students to have a passion for learning to achieve their goals. The relationship between the teachers and Satoe Indonesia is also getting closer, therefore, the communication process to gain insights for designing a teaching and learning activity could be better.

This year, Satoe Indonesia has the resolution to create and realize the business ideas into finished products that are ready to be marketed with utilizing Satoe Indonesia members as the human capital. Furthermore, in the future, visit activity is expected to be able to build something for the villagers, such as “Rumah Pintar” in Cikawari.

This program is also expected to have more activities involving the villagers, not only the one-way social mapping. Some ideas might be performing traditional art, a bazaar of cheap basic needs, ‘ngaliwet’ or eating together with the villagers and other fun activities that can be done for creating intimacy, kinship, and solidarity between Satoe Indonesia and the village resident. All in all, the village visit activities brings a positive impact both to the village itself and to Satoe Indonesia.


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